Vault Taphouse of Kobold Brewing


The family-friendly Vault Taphouse of Kobold Brewing, situated at 245 SW 6th St, Redmond, OR 97756, is a fun place to go in downtown Redmond, Oregon. This family-friendly brewery tap house in downtown Redmond Oregon is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for delicious craft beer and good times with friends.

The Taphouse is the only place to get your hands on some of this city’s best beers. With an extensive range, you are bound to find something that suits any taste.

The Taphouse offers more than just a place to drink alcohol, and it’s also home for some fun events. Some nights you can catch game shows or bingo, while other times, the bar has fireside seating and indoor fireplaces where visitors enjoy their beers in peace with no distractions outside.

Individuals will never run out of places to drink at The Vault Taphouse. They have a game for every visitor, whether you’re looking for indoor trivia or outdoor bingo. With fire tables outside as well an inside space with plenty of TV screens broadcasting sporting events from all over the world- there’s no shortage when it comes down to how much fun can be had here.

The Vault Taphouse is a great place to go if you want some delicious beer and good times. They have an awesome selection of local options as well as more popular beers from all over the world. The bartender has been known on more than one occasion not only to pour out what you order but also mix up your drinks free of charge, too, so stop by today for your chance at winning every person there tickets into next month’s lottery draw.

The Vault Taphouse is a dog-friendly establishment. All pets are welcome to join their friends on the outdoor patio and enjoy some fresh air while they drink tankards full of specially brewed beer from breweries.

Enjoying a beer at The Vault Taphouse is an experience like no other. With several different types of taps, you’re certain to find something your taste buds have never experienced before. They serve up some great craft beers from local breweries around the world, and their location right downtown makes it easy for anyone who wants something more formal or casual alike–they’ve got whatever setting that suits every need possible, all within walking distance (or driving)from one another.

There are many amazing ways to enjoy your time in The Vault Taphouse. You can catch up with old friends over cribbage or cards, watch the game of sports on TV while playing pool inside if it’s cold outside, then warm yourself by one of their fire tables – there is always something new happening here.

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