Cline Falls State Park


Cline Falls State Park, situated at 7100 OR-126, Redmond, OR 97756, is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and spend some time with friends or family. The scenic views of Oregon’s Deschutes River make it an excellent spot for fishing, picnicking on one of their many beautiful sites (including spots that offer breathtaking scenery), swimming in the cool water during summer months when temps are high enough, so you don’t get sunburned while enjoying yourself at swimwear-optional amenities if desired.

Cline Falls State Park is the perfect place to spend a hot summer day. The great outdoors and refreshing waterfalls make it an unforgettable experience for all ages, with plenty of room at this scenic park – which also offers camping sites if you’re looking for more than just scenery.

This is also an amazing place to spend the day if you’re looking for something more than just water views. There are plenty of areas where visitors can explore, including viewpoints along riverbanks and swimming holes that will keep everyone excited.

This park can serve as a great place to escape from the hustle and bustles of everyday life. This quiet spot consists not only of an excellent area for picnicking but also a swimming hole with Grills and tables available throughout its length – perfect if you’re looking forward to something leisurely.

Cline Falls State Park has some great spots for tube riding. The river there can be speedy enough to ride, even though it’s not as fast or wild compared with other areas of the continent.

Cline Falls State Park on the Westside of Remond is a place where visitors can enjoy nature surrounded by gorgeous scenery. The large, open lawns are intersected with trees that reach towards the river’s edge, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for all who visit this gem.

The beautiful Cline Falls State Park is home to an abundance of wildlife that has made this area its natural habitat. Sagebrush-covered uplands and riparian habitats provide food sources for many birds, while other species like blackbirds can be found in both wetland areas as well on top rock cliffs where they thrive among canyon wrens or American dipper song sparrow finches.

Cline Falls State Park is a great spot for bird watching, with other songbirds passing through during spring and fall migrations. Prairie falcons can be found here too. And if you’re lucky, maybe even see some golden eagles hiding out among their prey in this old-growth forest.

Cline Falls State Park offers a large open lawn for group games and relaxing in the sun, but most visitors come to picnic or swim. The different areas range from deep calm pools with swift water near its banks up close coves where children can play safely on their own without fear of getting wet beyond what they are comfortable handling–perfect if you’re looking forward to an afternoon chat between friends while sitting next to each other under an umbrella drink wine together, etcetera.

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