The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery


The work of a promising Austrian-born artist  Alfred A. Dolezal is on display at The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery, and it’s worth your time. The pieces in this collection are eclectic, but they fall into one or two categories: animal paintings with symbolic narratives that provide context for their imagery; these can be seen as warnings about humanity’s treatment towards animals (eats them), environmental decay/deforestation, etc.

The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery provides the viewer with an experience that is both enlightening and entertaining as they take in their eclectic oil paintings by Austrian-born artist Alfred A. Dolezal, expressing symbolistic expressions augmented through a narrative which guides one to realize how each painting can be well utilized as a tool for personal growth.

The unique and illuminating style of artist Alfred A Dolezal is on display in this gallery. His pieces are often accompanied by narratives that provide insight into the meaning behind each piece he creates.

The work of artist Alfred A. Dolezal is often unique in style and expression with an interesting narrative that helps to paint the picture for viewers who may not have been familiarized or interested before now.

Once you walk past the doors of The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery in Redmond, Oregon, it feels as if time has stopped and all your worries are left behind with every step forward taken on this journey into creativity–a welcoming space that encourages visitors to explore new ideas while surrounded by artwork from some very unique artists both past and present alike.

This beautiful gallery is a must-see for any art lover. The works by both local and international artists are amazing, as well as the gift shop with books to buy or reproductions of original pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

Situated at 7525 Falcon Crest Dr, Redmond, OR 9775, the Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery is a must-see for any visitor to the city. With around fifty years’ worth of experience in painting, tours are available from this famous artist himself as well as classes that will teach you how it’s done at your own pace – no matter what level of artistic talent or skillset might be desired by new students looking forward their first tasting success with oil paint on canvas boards upfront here.

Additionally, The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery is a must-see for any art lover. Along with numerous rooms displaying the artwork and artist’s studio, you’ll also find an in-depth gift shop stocked full of limited edition prints as well as reproductions that are perfect gifts (and prices don’t get much better than this). If it’s possible to meet one on your travels through town, then be sure to ask them about their own personal experience using these unique pieces.

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