Petersen Rock Garden and Museum


For over seventy years, the Petersen Rock Garden and Museum have been a favorite destination for locals. It all began when Danish immigrant Rasmus Peterson set out on his own project to create a rock enclosure back in 1935 after seeing how popular these types of animals were becoming among Americans at that time period.

His love for nature led to an innovative approach. Instead of building bridges or walls with typical construction materials like concrete, Petersen created his own by using everything from glass pieces and shells he found on the property all around him – creating beautiful structures that are both practical as well aesthetically pleasing.

In the Petersen Rock Garden and Museum, you can find a gravel walkway that winds through its imagination. The stones are used to guide visitors as they make their way from one area of interest in this beautiful garden filled with rocks.

The Petersen Rock Garden and Museum is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. Guided walks wind through this imagination land, showcasing rocks from all around our planet that was transformed into something amazing.

The Petersen Rock Garden and Museum not only features a gorgeous collection of rocks but also has an excellent museum to go with it. The small store sells fossils from all over the world as well. Displays of rare geodes and other minerals are part of the Petersen Rock Garden’s museum, which also contains a small nature preserve with flowers in addition to its much-loved garden.

There are limited things in life more satisfying than visiting a place that is so uniquely yours. And there’s no better example of this than Petersen Rock Garden, which has been lovingly crafted with an eye for beauty and functionality alike – it will be hard not to fall under its spell.

The beautiful Petersen Rock Garden is a must-see for anyone interested in architecture, sculpting, or jewelry design. The collection features dozens of intricately detailed buildings constructed from various stones, including agate stone circles as well lava rock structures that were handcrafted by preservation architects using only tools available during their time period – making them some truly historical creations.

Situated at 7930 SW 77th St, Redmond, OR 97756, the Petersen Rock Museum is home to a fluorescent room that houses miniaturized castles constructed from magnesium, tungsten and uranium. These glowing buildings display an eerily beautiful glow in the dark behavior when exposed to light after dark has fallen upon them.

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