Redmond Caves Recreation Area


The Redmond Caves Recreation Area provides the perfect outdoor fix for anyone who needs some time away from their daily routine.

The caves in Redmond are the perfect spot to get away from it all and spend some quality time with family. The five that make up this area were created by volcanic lava flows thousands or maybe even millions of years ago, but they’re still active today.

The beautiful Redmond Caves are a popular tourist destination for visitors to explore the underground and follow in the footsteps of Native Americans who have used these caves over six thousand years ago.

Situated at SE Airport Way, Redmond, OR 97756, the Redmond Caves Recreation Area provides a fun way to learn about the area’s past human use, wildlife, and geology. The caves also lie within city limits, which means that they are open year-round for your enjoyment. The caves are an excellent place to explore history and nature, with plenty of wildlife hiding in the darkness. The best time for a hike is during winter, when you can enjoy views from blankets on snow-covered ground or by lantern light as it warms up outside.

The Redmond Caves are preserved in their natural state, so there is an inherent risk of snakes. You should watch for them and be aware that these caves have not been altered since they were formed millions of centuries ago; this means taking care when exploring because anything could happen.

These caves are a spectacular natural wonder, but please don’t touch anything! The discharge of firearms and trapping within the cave complex is prohibited. Pets aren’t allowed either, so your furry friend will have to stay home on their vacation, too (unless they’re trained as an assistance animal). Finally, if you do find yourself with some spare time after exploring this amazing place – leave only footprints because taking pictures here isn’t encouraged by staff members who want these precious sites preserved for generations yet unborn.

Hikers and climbers will enjoy the unique experience of exploring these caves, which have been created by a single lava tube collapse. With five separate openings to explore in close proximity from each other, it’s easy for adventurous individuals who want something new but still with ample room on their vacation schedule.

The Redmond Caves are an excellent spot for those who want to learn about the geology, wildlife, and past human use of this area. The caves offer guided tours that give you insight into what makes it such a great place.

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