Tumalo State Park


Tumalo State Park is a hidden gem of Oregon, located four miles north of Bend and nestled along the banks of Deschutes River. This is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. With miles of trails and plenty to do in the park, you’ll be able to enjoy nature at its best while also being close enough that there’s always something new going on around town.

Tumalo State Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The location offers golf courses, lakes, and streams with trout fish populations that rival the best. Visitors can enjoy hiking on trails or mountain biking along dirt roads, all within easy reach of this bucolic paradise.

Tumalo State Park is a beautiful and great place to spend the day with friends, family, or even by yourself. In this quiet state park, you can do everything from floating on an inner tube downriver, catching trout that are feeding at dawn and dusk casting for them through summer days when water temperatures stay cool enough, so they don’t reject your offerings right away.

This amazing state park is a great place to go in Deschutes County for some family-friendly outdoor activities. The river draws anglers at dawn and dusk, casting their lines with hopes of catching rainbow trout that can be found swimming in the cool water during hot summer days; it’s also easy to access from either campground or day-use area, so everyone will find something enjoyable here.

Tumalo State Park offers beautiful views and great year-round camping. Sites can be reserved up to 6 months in advance on Oregon’s website at oregonstateparks.reserveamerica.com. Reserving a site means you won’t have trouble getting one when they’re gone.

Additionally, Tumalo State Park is a beautiful spot for nature lovers. The 23 full hookup campsites provide everything that you need to enjoy your stay in the outdoors, including flush toilets and hot showers. There’s also firewood sales, so if it gets too cold out at night or during wintertime, don’t worry about going anywhere else because this place has got all of the amenities here with them–including two seasonal group camping areas where people can go get acquainted while enjoying some time together off-site from their homes.

This is also a great and amazing place to picnic and swim in the summer heat. The day-use area sits on riverbanks with large ponderosa pines providing shade, as well as junipers and alders that offer some relief from hot sun exposure when you need it most. A wading pool offers an opportunity for cooling off after hours of being outside; however, these facilities close down during winter months because there isn’t much rain then, which makes maintaining them difficult without plenty of moisture inside sources.

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